Reconstruction of residential and office premises

Reconstruction is a set of measures to restore a working or working condition of a residential or office object, or restoration of its resource, which includes construction processes. Repair of apartments, houses, offices is always not an easy task, because you need to understand how you want to see your updated room, what materials to use for floors, walls, ceiling, what colors to choose in all of this will help our professional colleagues and your room will sparkle with freshness and new paints!

Work in progress

  • Installation of partitions
  • Dismantling the walls
  • Laying tiles
  • Whitewash - Painting
  • Drywall Works
  • Plumbing work
  • Electrical wiring
  • Front works
  • Wall painting
  • Laying underfloor heating
  • Window replacement
  • Installation of ceilings

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  • View:
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